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The UAE has been a hot spot for trading and it can probably be traced to the ancient times. Today the city Dubai has reinvented itself in to a major centre for re-export and shopping hub.
The rise of cultured pearls has deeply depleted the city's status as a pearling center; however, it has definitely retained its position as the world's centre of gold and other precious metals trading.

Choosing The UAE as your offshore company formation hub

The lack of capital gains and/or personal income tax liabilities in UAE makes it an ideal center for your startup company formation. Your infrastructure can reap international profits legitimately without being weighed down by local corporation taxes.

Dubai allows 100% foreign ownership, that is, if the investor decides to set up the company in a UAE Freezone. This is a cost efficient recourse through which you can conduct international business. However, it is important that you have a minimum of one shareholder and one director to comply with the registration regulations in UAE free trade zones. There is no upper limit to the number of shareholders and corporate stakeholders that are allowed within the company.

If you are looking for cost effective alternative to even Dubai, we can help you look into Ras Al Khaimah, which is an up and coming UAE stronghold for offshore company formations.
Building up a Dubai Offshore company can be your first step towards a trading solution, which is reputable as well as regulated in international Tax haven. It is an excellent mode to have as a holding or an investment company and is more economical than other similar recourses such as the British Virgin Islands or Cayman Islands.

Abu Dhabi has put in motion definitive plans to spend a spectacular amount on building up new projects in the following industries - Tourism, Energy, Infrastructure development and Industry. The city has always encouraged entrepreneurs in search for a cost effective alternative to the main city in Dubai.

Types of Licenses Issued In UAE


Commercial License 

If you were looking to engage in retail trade entrepreneurship, Service contracts, hotels, transport, or storing organizations, you would look into getting this type of a license in Dubai before you can legitimately start your business interactions. You can apply for either a general trading or a specific trading license. The difference is a specific trading license is quite limiting regarding the scope of activities or items that you can trade.  


Professional License

The professional license is mandatory is you are looking to trade in services that require your mental and physical efforts rather than a cash capital. Certain professions such as an engineering consultancy, audit services, or accounting consultancy companies should look into getting this type of license before progressing with their projects as a Dubai based company.  


Industrial License

When you intend to practice a business that requires investing or utilization of natural resources or in any way transform raw materials in to manufactured products, you require an industrial license to support your company formation in Dubai


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